Herzliche Einladung zur Montagsdemo am 22. August 2022

Herzliche Einladung zur Montagsdemo am 22. August 2022

22. August 2022, 18:00 Uhr

Treffpunkt: Hallmarkt

Weitersagen! Mitkommen! Und bringt noch jemanden mit!

Wir fordern:
- Stopp der einrichtungsbezogenen Impfpflicht und jeglicher Impfpropaganda
- Die Aufhebung und juristische Aufarbeitung aller Corona-Maßnahmen
- Abschaffung aller Zwangsgebühren
- Stopp der Zerstörung der heimischen Wirtschaft und Landwirtschaft
- Stopp des Energie Desasters
- Bürgerentscheide statt Regierungsalleingänge
- Entwicklung einer lebendigen Demokratie
- Friedensverhandlungen statt Kriegspropaganda
- Nein zu deutschen Waffenlieferungen
- Ende der Kriegstreiberei der NATO
- Sofortige und konsequente Abrüstung

Cordial invitation to the Every-Monday-walk!
Meeting point is 6 p.m. at the Hallmarkt.The final rally will also take place there. The route will be about 4-5 km long.

We demand:
- Stop the institution-based compulsory vaccination and any vaccination propaganda!
- The abolition and legal reappraisal of all Corona measures!
- Abolition of all compulsory fees.
- Stop the destruction of the domestic economy and agriculture!
- Stop the energy disaster!
- Citizens' referendums instead of governmental entrances!
- Develop a living democracy!
- Peace negotiations instead of war propaganda!
- No to German arms deliveries!
- End NATO's warmongering!
- Immediate and consistent disarmament! Let’s continue to stand up together and peacefully, for our own rihgts, freedom, peace and a self-determined life

Let's show what real tolerance and cosmopolitanism looks like!

Join us, show your face and stand up for yourself. We don't care about your vaccination status. Together we are strong. It's time for everyone to do something to create a better world worth living.The future is made of courage. Feel free to bring your own signs, posters and banners. Also drums, musical instruments, whistles, rattles or similar. Stand up for your life, your rights and for your children!

Our life- our world- our responsibility!